Experience Counts.

Over the years, we have produced a wide range of effective marketing materials and learned all the production issues and hurdles so rest assured your projects will be kept on track, produced correctly and completed on time.

If you know what you need and are looking for a partner to create, design and/or produce your project we’re ready to serve you. And if you need some new ideas to kick-start your project or get back on the right track we can help you as well! 

Please have a look at our portfolio, read the customer reviews and case studies. We’d appreciate working with you and becoming your marketing partner!


Case Study One

An Eastside Hospital was working with a high powered direct marketing specialist. Every cycle the same standard mail piece was sent to the same donor database with diminishing returns. For our perspective it didn’t seem like this client was getting enough attention from the big agency. We suggested and implemented a complete re-design of the mail piece and brought a team together to work with the client to update content/message and mail -piece design creating a completely new look and feel. The initial mailer sent to the same donor database brought in a 6% response. We never were able to know the costs the client paid the big agency but we’re sure the ROI using Design & Graphics was much better.

Case Study Two

A local community Performing Arts Theatre promoted and sold tickets with an elaborate glossy 24 page season brochure sent prior to the first show in late summer to an occupant mail list in community zips codes. Basically this gave the theatre and community members if they were interested, one opportunity to buy tickets with the order form. The response for ticket sales was low but “that’s what they always did” and by the later part of the season the theatre was empty. We suggested and implemented an plan that eliminated the costly season brochure and replace it with three postcard mailings over the entire season targeted and mailed only to people that had an interest in the performing arts and mind” with the community and to continuously sell tickets the upcoming shows. In addition to the next upcoming shows, the content also explained the benefits of a community theatre over the big city theatres: including better seating, lower ticket prices, less travel time, and easier parking. There was also money left in the budget to produce 11 x 17 posters for the that were hung in local establishments prior to the shows. Once the plan was put into place ticket sales and attendance for all the shows increased throughout the entire season. We also convinced the Theatre to retain ticket buyers records from their on-line reservation program and by the end of the second season they had built a customer base (addresses and emails) to over 2,000 committed customers directly associated with this program.

Case Study Three

A northwest summer camp had produce an Annual report. The Development Director that it would “just be thrown out”, but the board required a printed piece. We knew that the camp was a big hit with campers so instead of the standard 8.5 x 11 report format with text charts and graphs we created it as a poster one side with the required texts, charts and graphs and the other side with camp composite pictures of the prior summer session. It was then folded down to meet mailing specs and sent one copy per camper family and stake holders. The client was surprised to get phone calls from parents wanting to get more annual report posters for the additional kids in the household that went to the camp, so they could pin it up in the bedroom. The lesson learned was that pictures of kids having a great time tell the camp story and bring in new and retuning campers more than the texts, charts and graphs and this concept/brand has gone into all the camp collaterals going forward

Case Study Four

A Seattle High School Alumni Foundation has a special group of “50 Year+ Golden Alumni”. They wanted to continue with a printed newsletter because that’s what that age group could better-relate to. However they we printing a standard 8.5 x 11 folded newsletter printed in black that lacked appeal. For less cost we changed the newsletter format to a newspaper/tabloid size printed on a quality stock. We changed the type font to san-serif and increased the font size for easier reading. The larger format also allowed for more content and room for more class and alumni news. It is still published and anticipated twice a year, mailed to alumni as well as distributed to neighborhood establishments many school alumni frequent.

Case Study Five

A Skin Care Rep needed to expand her customer base. She was not quite sure how to take advantage of social networking methods, so she called us to consult with. We set her up with a business Facebook page, guided her with suggested posts, ads, graphics, and made suggestions on how to obtain more "likes", to raise her visibility. She ended up growing her page from 72 to 2,806 likes! In addition, she's expanded her business from being local, to the entire country.