Political Campaigns

Let us assist your political campaign.

With over 15 years working the election cycles, and being politically informed, D&G Marketing has helped candidates win elections for national, state and local offices.

We work with political consultants, campaign managers and the candidates themselves and through these years of experience know how to develop a personalized strategy and create materials to raise candidate recognition, speak to your electorate and to get out the vote.


Your Campaign goals are attained by:

  • Compelling and persuasive graphic design merged with strategic messaging.
  • Efficient, coordinated printing and mailing services for lightening quick turnarounds.
  • Full communication with campaign consultants, managers and candidates.
  • Project Management Expertise.
  • Flexibility to meet changing demands.
  • Experienced and knowledgeable principals.


  • List Processing techniques for the absolute lowest postage rates.
  • Mail pieces meet USPS specifications.
  • All time critical materials produced locally to assure quality standards and timing needs and to support your local economy.
  • Extremely Competitive prices on graphic design, mailers, yard signs, slim jims, door knockers, T-shirts, buttons, fundraising appeals, social media marketing, robo calls, web graphics and more.

Design & Graphics Marketing

Distinctive, Award-Winning Graphic Design, Superior Project Management, Personalized Client Relations.